Kayak the San Juan Islands!

Discovery Sea Kayaks, offering San Juan Island Kayak Tours with the best in adventure, wildlife viewing and education

Kayak Tours San Juan Island, Washington State

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  • Half Day Kayak Tour:  A great choice for those looking for the opportunity to see whales and other wildlife but want to have time for other island activities.
  • Full Day Kayak Tour:  The best choice for those looking for a good day of adventure and wildlife viewing opportunities.  With more time on the water you increase your odds of encountering whales, seals and more.
  • Multi Day Kayak Tours: For those who want to experience it all.  Travel for 3 to 5 days through the San Juan Islands and let our Guide’s take care of you.

San Juan Islands, the Premiere Kayak Tour and Whale Watching Vacation Destination!

Scenic  beauty and wildlife rich waterways make the San Juan Islands one of the best vacation destination for sea kayak tours and whale watching. Discovery Sea Kayaks has developed a reputation for offering the best kayak tours on San Juan Island. Our guest’s experience and safety is the primary goal. With a variety of kayak tour options available, everyone can have the opportunity to enjoy kayaking San Juan Island in search of wildlife and killer whales.

Kayak Trips and Adventures of a Lifetime


Wildlife Viewing Opportunities

What wildlife will you see?  The area in which we paddle is home to a wide variety of wildlife. Each day on the water is different and wildlife has its own schedule. We commonly encounter killer whales, harbor seals, sea lions, porpoise, and sea stars. Generally June through September are the optimum months to see killer whales. The San Juan Islands are also home to eagles and many types of sea birds. No matter what wildlife you might see, you will have a great time paddling along the coast and taking in the stunning views of the region.

Where We Paddle

The routes we select for our Half Day Kayak Tours and Full Day Kayak Tours are designed to offer the best chances to encounter wildlife and killer whales. The routes also travel along the scenic west coastline with stunning views of the Olympic Mountains and Vancouver Island.   See Map

Routes for our Multi Day Kayak Tours are designed by each guide. The focus of our Multi Day Kayak Tour is travel and adventure. We utilize various islands around San Juan Island as locations to camp. Arriving to these island can be achieved by various routes. Guides take time to analyze tides, weather and group statistics to design the best route of travel. In the spirit of kayak touring the routes always balance the sense of adventure with the best opportunity to see wildlife.

Kayak Whale Watching Tour

Downtown Location

Reserving a kayak tour with Discovery Sea Kayaks is easy and hassle free. All of our kayak tours check-in at our shop, which is located just up the street from the ferry terminal in downtown Friday Harbor.

Small Group Size

Eight guests per kayak tour is the maximum size of our tours. We believe this is the best way to ensure that all guest have the interactions they expect with their guide. Traveling in a small group allows us to create less impact on the natural areas, ensures safety of the group and overall satisfaction of each guest. If you are planning a trip to the San Juan Islands and have a group of more than 8, please contact us for details on reserving a custom kayak tour for your group.

Small Company and Locally Owned

Being a small company allows us to focus on what’s important, YOU! Our main objective is to provide everyone who kayaks with Discovery Sea Kayaks the best experience possible. The owners of Discovery live on San Juan Island and are in the shop every day. As a small business we focus on quality and experience. Our guides are held to a high standard and go through extensive training to provide an experience and knowledge-base tour. We select all of our equipment to enhance your kayak tour. We like to use the motto, “Quality from Guides to Gear.” Join us and see the difference a small local company makes.

Our Kayak Trips

Half Day Kayak Tour

$85 per person (plus tax) **Groups of 4 or more will save 10% off. Discount will automatically be applied when reserving online** Travel the route best know of seeing killer whales. We launch in the best region of the islands to see wildlife. Our guides will explorer the coast with you and provide a safe and knowledge filled experience.

Full Day Kayak Tour

$95.00 per person (plus tax) **Groups of 4 or more will save 10% off. Discount will automatically be applied when reserving online** Enjoy beautiful views of Vancouver Island and Washington's Olympic Peninsula on one of our most popular kayak tours. We kayak in an area where killer whales commonly travel.

Sunset Kayak Tour

$85 per person (plus tax) **Groups of 4 or more will save 10% off. Discount will automatically be applied when reserving online** Enjoy the sunset from the rustic shore of San Juan Island. With the sunset approaching less boat traffic will be on the water. The route is in the heart of the Southern Resident Killer Whale travel area.

Bioluminescence Tour

Being on the water at night can be a special experience. The allure of the darkness and the still calm of the night really creates a setting that is hard to beat.

Multi-Day Trips

These trips are designed for guests who wish to have all camping gear provided. Ideal for those traveling from far destinations who cannot bring everything with them or for those who just want to be taken care of so they can relax around camp.

Custom Trips

This is a great option for families with children, large groups of more than 8 or those looking for something just a little different. Discovery Sea Kayaks has always specialized in providing custom kayak tours so that everyone can find a kayak tour that works for their group.

Mothership Tour

Join Discovery Sea Kayaks and the Gato Verde for a San Juan Island mothership kayak tour adventure. This one of a kind tour has limited dating. Book Now.